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How to get rid of comedonal acne, which is caused by makeup clogging pores – Reduce comedonal acne, which causes skin problems.

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Comedonal acne is the result of  over-production of sebum from the sebaceous glands. In case of bacterial infection, inflammations will occur and pustules will  form that will leave scars. Today, we will determine the causes of comedonal acne and reveal the treatments for it. 

  A major cause of acne is the accumulation of residue from sunscreen, combined with excess sebum and dirt clogging up the pores during the day, despite proper cleaning. Treatment of acne begins with behavior modification. 

Treatment of comedonal acne: We must first identify the daily activities that cause comedonal acne, which later results in easily inflamed acne, because the small particles, commonly found in smoothing silicone in foundation, makeup base or primer;  iron oxides in concealer; micro powder for matte effect in talcum powder, puff packs and some skin nourishing products, are designed to adhere to your skin. 

To treat comedonal acne and inflammatory acne, it's important to focus on using a quality cleansing product to effectively and gently remove all makeup from facial skin that is suitable for acne-prone skin. 

Currently there are many cleansing products on the market that can cleanse the skin, but they cannot resolve acne clogging issues, which can lead in comedonal acne development. Eucerin ProACNE Solution Acne & Makeup Cleansing Water is the latest innovative solution for oily skin acne . It contains oil-free Ampho-enside and Micro-Micellar, which deeply cleanses the pores while resolving micelle formation, leaving skin light and fresh and effectively reducing comedonal acne. 

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