Danger of popping pimple. Acne treatments and results

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Pressing acne spot

A lot of people popping pimples, thinking that it will clear comedonal acne quickly. Chronic comedonal acne is in fact caused by incorrect skin care and treatment.  Pimple popping is a way of eliminating acne symptoms, but can aggravate acne and harm facial skin.

Stop popping pimple! Wrong skin care risks damaging facial skin. 

First of all, we should understand that comedonal acne is caused by sebaceous gland hyperactivity. If follicular hyperkeratinization occurs in the sebaceous gland and follicular infundibulum, comedonal acne will develop, and the bacteria P.acnes can cause inflammation acne. 

Many people pop pimples when they get comedonal acne, but it is not the correct treatment. If the devices are not clean and the popping method is wrong, it will cause an allergic reaction and higher skin irritation that will result in acne lesions and valgaris. 

How to eliminate acne safely.
To treat comedonal acne, we must deal with the root causes of it, namely oil, bacteria and clogged pores. Correct skin care and thorough cleansing to unclog pores can quickly and effectively alleviate acne lesions and valgaris. For example:

  • Acne can be prevented by dealing with its root causes: avoid fatty food, have plenty of sleeps and avoid stress. 
  • Cleanse your face. Foams and cleansers can reduce excess oil and remove all dirt from your face. People with acne, sensitive and dry skin should use mild products containing essences for toning and nourishing skin.  To reduce the chance of acne developing again, such products should pass pore unclogging tests. 
  • To deal with the root causes of acne, use creams which are light in texture for prevention of skin dryness and peeling; such creams must be capable of unclogging pores and getting absorbed by skin quickly without leaving any traces of oil. 

Choose makeup and sunscreen carefully because these products contain oil that can clog pores. Touching your face with your hands can result in germs being accumulated causing acne to develop.  

Skin affected with acne should be taken care of patiently. Avoid activities that cause and trigger acne and deal with the root causes of the acne. 
Treat acne safely by choosing the right products to alleviate it and its effects.  

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