CLEANSING AND TONING – How do I choose the best facial cleanser for my skin?

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Thorough but gentle daily cleansing is the first step in an effective skincare routine. This article looks at why cleansing and toning twice a day is important. It also gives advice on how to choose the best facial cleanser for your skin type, condition and textural preference and introduces the Eucerin DermatoCLEAN [HYALURON] range which includes cleansers, a toner and an eye make-up remover.

Why does cleansing and toning matter?

Cleansing removes dirt and pollution

Cleansing removes impurities (dirt and pollution), make-up and excess sebum that, if left on, can irritate skin and reduce skin’s ability to work as an effective protective barrier. Cleansing also supports skin regeneration and so is particularly important for skin prone to blemishes and acne.

Toning helps to remove any last traces of cleanser, refresh skin and restore its natural pH, further supporting skin’s barrier function.

Care products are better able to penetrate skin that is cleansed and toned. This means that are more effective and you get maximum benefit for your skin.

How often should you cleanse your face?

We recommend that you cleanse and tone your face twice a day every day.

Cleanse your face in the morning and the evening

Why cleanse in the morning?
The sebaceous glands in your skin produce sebum – an oily substance that keeps it from drying out – both during the day and overnight. Morning cleansing ensures that your remove excess sebum and dead skin cells.

Why cleanse in the evening?
Cleansing in the evening ensures that the day’s dirt (such as pollution and sweat) - as well as all traces of make-up, concealer and sun protection filters - is fully removed before you go to bed. This helps your skin to renew and repair overnight.

What is the best facial cleanser for my skin?

Firstly, choose a cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type and condition and is proven to cleanse effectively but gently.

Whatever your skin type, we recommend you look out for products that have been tested on sensitive skin and avoid harsh ingredients: many soaps are strong in alkali and can damage skin’s natural protective layer and dry it out. Ideally, your cleanser will also contain hydrating ingredients that support skin’s natural moisture levels.

Choose cleansers that suit your skin type, condition and textural preferences

Secondly, choose a combination of products that are suitable for the type of cleanse you need: for example, if you’re wearing stubborn, waterproof mascara you may find it helps to remove that first with a dedicated eye make-up remover before using cleanser and toner on the rest of your face.

And finally, because we all have different textural preferences and ways we like to cleanse, select products you’ll enjoy using. That way, you’ll have more incentive to cleanse twice a day.

Which Eucerin cleanser is best for my skin?

Eucerin DermatoCLEAN [HYALURON] is a comprehensive range of hydrating cleansers to suit all skin types, cleansing needs and textural preferences. Clinically and dermatologically proven to cleanse gently and effectively, they combine an extra mild cleansing complex with Hyaluronic Acid and other nature-derived moisturizing ingredients that protect skin’s natural moisture and don’t dry it out. They leave skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated.

The Eucerin DermatoCLEAN [HYALURON] range includes products for all skin types including sensitive skin

If your skin type is normal to combination then we recommend our gel or micellar water cleansers. With their hydrating ingredients, and proven effectiveness at enhancing skin moisturization, our micellar water cleansers are also suitable for dry skin but, if your skin is particularly dry, we recommend our nourishing cleansing milk.

Whatever your skin type, all our DermatoCLEAN [HYALURON] cleansers should be followed with Eucerin DermatoCLEAN [HYALURON] Toner. This preps your skin for the next stage of your skincare routine and ensures it’s able to absorb maximum benefit from your care products.

If you’re wearing stubborn waterproof mascara or resistant eye make-up, we recommend you to remove it first with our cleansers which are proven to remove eye make-up, but you’ll always get a more thorough cleanse if you use a dedicated eye make-up remover first.

All Eucerin DermatoCLEAN [HYALURON] products are suitable for sensitive skin but if you are prone to blemishes and acne, we recommend you use cleansers and toners from the Eucerin ProACNE Solution range.

How should I cleanse and tone?

How you cleanse obviously has to do with your choice of cleanser:

- A gel or foam cleanser needs to be removed with water
- A milk cleanser can be removed with water or can be applied and gently rubbed off with a cotton wool pad
- A micellar water cleanser is applied with a cotton wool pad

And, of course, how you cleanse depends on personal preference:
- Some people like to ‘double cleanse’ which means cleansing twice, sometimes with two different products, as they feel this gives them a more thorough cleanse
- Some people like to use a hot cloth method (a muslin cloth soaked in warm water) to remove their cleanser

But, basically, there are two main steps: cleanse then tone. And, if you are wearing stubborn waterproof mascara or resistant eye make-up, three steps: remove eye make-up, cleanse and then tone.

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