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How To Cleanse Your Skin Without Causing Irritation And Acne

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Acne can be one of the most vexing skin problems to suffer from and there are many underlying causes that lead to its formation. The most common being dirty skin. This is caused by insufficient cleansing, an incorrect method of cleansing or the use of unsuitable facial cleansers.


What Kinds Of Cleansers Are There?

There are a wide variety of facial cleansers in the market to choose from. However, most of these products contain soap or foaming agent and fragrance. These ingredients can actually trigger inflammation and cause irritation to the skin. This eventually weakens the skin’s health while also leaving residue that clogs pores and causes even more acne to form.

So, be sure to choose a cleanser that has no soap or fragrance as they can leave residue that irritates the skin. A good acne cleanser should also have the consistency of a clear gel which effectively coats the skin to protect it against moisture loss and prevents the skin from peeling or getting dry.

A good anti-acne cleanser must also be able to deeply cleanse the skin while being gentle enough not to cause irritation. A cleanser containing 6% Ampho-Tenside is worth considering, as it is able to clean away makeup, dirt and impurities and remove excess oil in the pores. All without disrupting the moisture balance of the skin and leaving it too dry or tight.

Products aimed at oily and acne-prone skin should also contain a natural ingredient called Salicylic Acid, also known as BHA. By banishing excess oil and clean the dirt and impurities that are stuck deep inside the pores, Salicylic Acid kills acne-causing bacteria and clears blackheads and whiteheads.

How To Prevent Acne?

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While cleansing the face, one should not rub the skin or apply too much pressure with the fingers. Doing so, can trigger inflammation in the pores and cause acne.

Our lifestyle choices, such as staying up too late at night, not sleeping enough, stressing and eating food that contains high fat and sugar content, also cause of acne. These habits trigger the skin to produce excess oil. Eliminating or at least minimizing these habits will eventually contribute to skin’s health and equilibrium and will prevent acne problems from occurring in the long term.

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