Dealing with acne mark

How To Deal With Acne Marks or Acne Scars

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Skin acne is a problem that many wish they could remove as soon as possible. But apart from that, an equally trickier problem is returning the skin’s health back to normal and to remove acne marks or acne scars. It’s a common problem faced by many but particularly those who have cystic skin acne, they suffer the most from it.

Acne marks or dark spots are caused by skin irritants secreted by acne in the dermis layer under the surface of the skin following acne that has healed. When cystic skin acne occurs, habits like popping and scratching prompts inflammation and swelling which then causes scarring. Furthermore, exposure to sunlight triggers the formation of dark spots, making the skin's acne even more difficult to treat.


Ingredients That Effectively Treat Acne Marks

For those who are struggling with acne marks and dark spots in the same areas, moisturizers utilizing A.I innovation can help revive and heal the skin. Natural extracts like Licochalcone has anti-inflammatory properties that reduces skin irritation while controlling the growth of P. Acne to avoid cystic acne formation. It can also reduce the appearance of acne marks.

Licochalcone should be used together with salicylic acid to minimize clogged pores, and then with Carnitine to lighten dark spots. This mixture is most effective in eliminating excessive oil and sebum. Hence, a moisturizer for acne-prone skin containing a mixture of these ingredients is effective in treating acne marks. Apart from reducing acne mark appearance, it also rejuvenates deep within the skin so that it becomes stronger, healthier and less prone to acne.

Curb Habits That Aggravate Acne Marks

Apart from choosing the best moisturizer for acne prone skin to treat acne marks or acne scars, one must also refrain from popping and scratching acne to stop aggravating the problem. Not only that, avoid stressing out about getting acne because it leads to these bad behaviors that’ll eventually make the problem worse. Finally, always use sunscreen to protect the skin from UV rays that can cause discoloration and pigmentation.

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