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Gel Cleanser For Oily And Acne Prone Skin

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Most people with oily skin have acne prone skin as well. This is because their bodies produce hormones that promote the production of excess oil and sebum in their pores. This sebum clogs their pores and causes acne.

Signs & Symptoms

Oily Skin And Propensity To Acne

Oily skin attracts dust and dirt to stick to it. Eventually the dirt clogs their pores and leads to various kinds of acne such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and cystic acne. 

Those that have oily and acne prone skin should pay attention to every step of their skin care regime, especially the cleansing step. This is the most important step and should not be overlooked.

In order to maximize the effects of acne treatment products, the cleanser should get rid of dirt and excess oil without aggravating the skin in any way.


What Should I Look For In A Cleanser?

A cleanser that is suitable for oily and acne prone skin should be soap-free, fragrance-free and have the consistency of colourless gel.

A soft gel consistency will minimize friction with inflamed skin while being gentle enough to avoid moisture loss. which would leave the skin dry and peeling after cleansing. Soap and fragrant components can harm the skin by disrupting its protective layer or irritate the skin.

A good gel cleanser should also contain 6% Ampho-Tenside. This is a cleansing agent that removes makeup, dirt and impurities, while also purging excess sebum out from deep within the pores without disrupting the moisture balance of the dermis layer.

Face cleansing

For skin that gets oily minutes after cleansing, the most suitable cleanser should contain Salicylic Acid, also known as BHA. Salicylic acid is a natural ingredient which helps get rid comedonal acne by banishing dirt and impurities from the skin and removing excess oil and sebum from the pores.

It also promotes the turnover of skin cells, reduces the possibility of acne formation and acne scaring, and leaves the skin looking and feeling much smoother.

Besides choosing a facial cleanser that contains ingredients to treat acne, it is also important to make sure to cleanse the face twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. Cleansing the face too many times disrupts the moisture balance of the skin and can exacerbate acne problems.

For those who have extremely acne prone skin or are in the process of treating acne, your cleanser should be paired with a suitable moisturizer. Preferably one that contains no fragrance or parabens and has a light consistency, to avoid skin irritation and clogging pores.

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