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Dealing with Maskne – What causes it and how can I reduce blemishes?

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What is maskne?

¿Qué es el maskne?

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Combate las manchas fácilmente en casa con el régimen adecuado de cuidado de la piel

There’s no doubting the importance of wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time doing so has left many of us around the world second-guessing our skin. This is due to the rising prevalence of maskne: mask-induced acne. Maskne, or mascne as it’s also known, is caused by excessive heat, friction and/or pressure to the areas of your face that come into contact with your mask, and subsequently causing blemishes. 

Eucerin’s ProACNE Solution range is proven to reduce blemishes by 64%*, using a skincare regime including Eucerin ProACNE Solution Cleansing Gel, ProACNE Solution Matt Fluid, and ProACNE Solution A.I Clearing Treatment.

*Clinical study results after 8 weeks of combined use with 90 volunteers

What can I do to combat maskne?

¿Qué puedo hacer para tratar el maskne?

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DermoPURE reduce las manchas hasta un 64%.

So long as mask-wearing is a part of every day life, the chance of experiencing maskne remains. But it’s still possible to take control of your skincare regime and keep skin clear with the Eucerin DermoPure range. It is designed to fight acne-prone skin in a gentle yet effective way, reducing blemishes by 64% with first visible results in seven days*.

Eucerin ProACNE Solution Cleansing Gel
Eucerin ProACNE Solution Cleansing Gel cleanses skin gently yet effectively removing dirt, make-up and any excess sebum. It leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and supple and is soap- and fragrance-free. It should be used twice daily, morning and evening, before starting your care routine.

Eucerin ProACNE A.I Matt Fluid
Made for counteracting pimples and blackheads, the innovative Eucerin ProACNE A.I Matt Fluid helps you control demanding blemished and acne-prone skin in the long term. It reduces impurities, refines the skin and prevents excess sebum production with 8h anti-shine effect. Apply in the morning on a well cleansed face. 

Eucerin ProACNE A.I Clearing Treatment
Specially formulated to reduce the appearance of pimples, papules and pustules, Eucerin ProACNE A.I Clearing Treatmentworks against C. acnes and starts to visibly improve skin after just one week, revealing clearer and smoother-looking skin over time. Visibly reduces blemishes and prevents their re-appearance. Apply in the evening on a well cleansed face. 

*Clinical study results after 8 weeks of combined use with 90 volunteers


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