skin brightening tips, routine and products

Skin Brightening Routine, Tips and Products

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What is dull skin and skin brightening?

Before we start, we should get this whole misconception about skin brightening out of the way. Skin brightening — or rather, “dull skin” — has nothing to do with the colour of your skin. Everyone experiences “dull skin” at some point in their lives due to various factors. It could be due to your diet, pregnancy, or even practising poor skincare. Additionally, the process of “skin brightening” is not a tip or hack to lighten your skin colour.

The definition of “dull skin” is essentially an all-encompassing term for skin that doesn't look healthy. For instance, perhaps you feel that your skin looks slightly dehydrated, or it seems a bit “tired” from exposure to pollution — knowing that your skin can actually be a tad bit brighter, more radiant, and generally healthy-looking. In short, you’re looking for that inner-glow.

Products and skincare routines

For visible results and improvements, you can start by incorporating minor changes to your skincare routine. Now, we say “minor” because we always encourage everyone to analyse their skin before looking into what works for them — because panic-buying and applying all kinds of “best- recommended products” in the market isn’t going to do you any good. Cutting corners like that could lead you to suffocating your skin, and cause other issues to arise (and we wouldn’t want that).

By making just a few simple adjustments in your morning and nighttime regimen, you can expect minor but positive results as you go along. Taking you one step closer to the glowiness you're aiming for.

Skin brightening mostly relies on three key steps: cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising. While cleansing and exfoliating are common starting points, you can tweak the following steps in the routine to suit your needs (depending on your specific skin care concerns). Also note that you might not need to exfoliate every day — especially if you have sensitive skin — because we want to avoid irritating your skin.

Morning Routine

Step 1 – Cleanse

Your first step would be to cleanse your skin because no matter how effective a skin brightening product is, it’s not going to be as effective if you apply it on oily and dirty skin. Cleansing your skin ensures that the products you apply will be more effective in penetrating your skin layers.

When it comes to a morning routine, you’ll want to find a way to gently cleanse your face without stripping or drying your skin. You can start by using a gentle cleanser to wake or prep your skin. Then, try our cleansing gel or milk from the DermatoCLEAN (HYALURON) range. We don’t want to start off with any harsh chemicals, as it might irritate your skin. Think of cleansing your face as the foundation of your skincare routine.

Note: Be cautious with overheated water as it may strip your skin of its natural oils, further damaging an already-sensitive skin barrier.

Step 2 – Serum (acts as a brightening serum)

Serums are usually used right after moisturising, with the intention of delivering healthy nutrients directly into the skin. Since serums are made up of smaller molecules, they’re perfect for targeting specific skincare concerns like dark spots or wrinkles (as they can penetrate deeply into the skin). After years of active research, Eucerin has developed a patented ingredient in the brightening range called Thiamidol — which is clinically- and dermatologically-proven to effectively reduce pigment spots, as well as prevent the production of abnormal pigmentation.

You can read more about Thiamidol here.

Step 3 – Moisturise

You should always choose a moisturiser that’s based on where you live, and is suitable for your skin type. If you live in a tropical country where it’s often hot and humid, you could opt for lightweight moisturisers (usually water- or gel-based). This leaves your skin light throughout the day — whereas if you live in colder countries, you might want to consider moisturisers that are heavier in weight (cream-based). However, the key is to choose one that includes hyaluronic acid as it helps retain moisture better than any other ingredient.

Step 4 – SPF

Dullness of the skin is often caused by the Sun, as it depletes the skin of its levels of essential fatty acids. Hence, to achieve radiant skin, integrating SPF is an essential part to your morning skincare routine. To make sure you’re getting proper coverage, choose an SPF30 or higher sunblock and reapply every 2–3 hours.

Nighttime Routine

Step 1 – Double Cleanse (cleansing balm, micellar water)

Untouched dirt, oil, and makeup clogs your pores, weighs your skin down, and leads to a dull complexion overall. If the day calls for lots of makeup, a double cleanse after may be in order to ensure there isn't any leftover makeup. Cleansing balms or micellar water are great when it comes to removing makeup as it helps to break down all the nasty gunk build-up throughout the day. Then, proceed with your cleansing gel.

Step 2 – Exfoliating 

We wouldn’t recommend that you include exfoliation to your skincare routine every day (especially if you have sensitive skin). However, it’s still good to incorporate the exfoliating step at least once or twice a week. This helps in gently removing dead skin cells and increases circulation, which ultimately contributes to brightening dull skin.

Step 3 – Serums 

No matter your skin type, it can be beneficial to include serums into your routine — such as hyaluronic acid serum. Incorporating a hyaluronic acid-based serum often provides the ultimate boost in hydration for all skin types. This means that your skin will look (and feel) replenished, plump, healthy, and extra glowy. With this, we recommend either tring our Spotless Brightening Crystal Booster Serum or Spotless Brightening Booster Serum.

Step 4 – Moisturise

To finish off your skin brightening routine, apply a thick coat of moisturiser and allow it to sit for 10 minutes before you go to bed. Incorporating face moisturiser into your daily skin routine — especially one with UV protection — is a great way to keep your skin plump, hydrated, and glowing from within (as opposed to looking dry and dull).

It’s not all skincare

Remember, your skin’s inner-glow comes from within. It’s not all about skincare because external factors such as diet, lifestyle, and daily skincare habits also contribute to the results — and making slight changes to them can often help bring positive change. Some positive lifestyle habits include:

Manage your stress levels

Stress can often cause acne flare-ups and excessive sebum production due to increased cortisol levels. So consider relaxing practices that help look after stress like meditation or implementing a positive mental attitude.

Drink plenty of water

It goes without saying that water is your skin's best friend. But on top of hydration, you can also consider reducing your coffee, alcohol, or any diuretic substances to limit yourself from feeling dehydrated (and allowing water to help your skin uninterrupted).

Be mindful of what you eat

One of the ways to achieve healthy and smooth skin is to maintain a balanced diet that includes antioxidant-rich foods like kale, spinach, and Vitamin C-rich fruits.

Try not to touch your face

Sounds simple enough, but you'd be surprised at how often our hands reach our faces on a daily basis. Doing so can lead to breakouts and acne flare-ups due to the transfer of impurities, and ultimately, causing clogged pores and blackheads.

Complete the routine

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