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Soothes Very Dry Skin From Day One

Eucerin OMEGA

Dermo-cosmetic skin care for dry and irritable skin

Eucerin OMEGA is a range of dermo cosmetic products that care for very dry and irritable skin. Each has been clinically and dermatologically proven to reduce dryness, scaling and tension while relieving itching and all are proven to be compatible with dry and irritable skin.

The OMEGA lotions and creams contain a combination of Omega-6-fatty acids and Licochalcone A to replenish skin, restoring its natural barrier and making it more resilient. As well as hydrating skin intensively, these products reduce the roughness, itch and tightness associated with very dry and irritable skin.

The OMEGA range includes Eucerin's new Acute Care Cream. Its skin caring properties significantly improve the skin's appearance during flare-up phases and help reduce the use of hydrocortisone during flare-ups. Acute Care Cream is not a pharmaceutical product and is not meant to replace one.

No fragrances, colourants or parabens have been used in this range and products are suitable for children and babies.