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Eucerin ProACNE Solution Super Serum

2 reviews
Very light
Fast-absorbing emulsion
Improves skin complexion

Acne prone skin

Serum with Lactic Acid for oily and acne skin

Product info

ProACNE Solution Super Serum

Serum for the acne-prone skin

Eucerin ProACNE Solution Super Serum is a very light, fast-absorbing emulsion for oily and acne skin. The formula, with concentrated Lactic Acid, delivers a comedolytic effect and improves skin complexion. Pores are effectively unclogged and purified. In addition, the formula contains Decandiol which has an anti-bacterial effect which makes it an acne solution to help prevent further development of acne.

 Eucerin ProACNE Solution Super Serum gives an improved overall skin condition, with regular use, and a healthy-looking, smooth and clearer complexion.


An anti-blemish study was carried out at the Beiersdorf Testcenter to test the efficacy of Eucerin ProACNE Solution Super Serum. The study involved 31 male and female subjects aged 17-44. Over four weeks participants applied Active Concentrate in combination with Eucerin ProACNE Solution Super Serum. Each was then tested twice during the research period. 

Also, 33 male and female patients, aged 11-37 years, took part in an 8-week study to test the efficacy of Eucerin ProACNE Solution Super Serum. During the test period each was tested three times.

Main findings

  • Photo evaluation showed a visible reduction of blemishes.
  • Corneometry and Topometry, as well as self-assessment, showed improved moisturisation and skin smoothness
  • Gloss measurement confirmed the mattification of skin
  • Participants reported the quick absorption and the fact that the formula left skin feeling soft and supple after regular use
  • The results showed very good skin tolerability and very positive effects on the condition of oily and acne skin


How To Use


  • Apply every morning and evening to well cleansed face.
  • Apply a few drops to other affected areas.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. 


from 2 reviews
  • Eucerin super serum
    Supper excited because this serum make my acne dissappear within 2 day. Sometimes within 1 day. Thank you for this awesome product. Keep it up 👍👍👍 😍
  • Effective, fast and acne improved.
    This serum can instantly cure my acne, my face become better and my acne is reduced, the mark also faded, i like tis product.

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